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19 Comments to “ Frequently Ask Questions”

  1. FACEBOOK USER says :

    Is food included in the cost of the ticket?

    1. Kidtopia says :

      No, Food is not included in the cost of the ticket. We tried to make the ticket price as low as possible. Majority of the activity are included within the cost of the ticket.

  2. Jerry says :

    Can I bring in out side food?

    1. Kidtopia says :

      No outside food or drink will be permitted at Kidtopia.

  3. Mari says :

    Do you have free parking?

    1. Kidtopia says :

      Yes, get more information about parking at this link

  4. Mike says :

    When will this event end?

    1. Kidtopia says :

      The Kidtopia Festival will start at 10 am and End at 4 pm

  5. Joyce says :

    What activities are NOT covered in the ticket price.

    1. Kidtopia says :

      Attendees will have to pay a small additional fee of$3-$5 only for the following activities: Face painting, Henna Tattoos & Horse Carriage Rides

  6. Venan says :

    How do we buy the kidtopia passport? Are the kidtopia passport and the tickets same?

    1. Kidtopia says :

      Correct, the Kidtopia passport is the same as the ticket.

  7. Bonnie says :

    So is the park open for the summer and last day is? Or am I not understanding it correctly. My ticket is expiring on September 9 the, 2018

    1. Kidtopia says :

      Kidtopia is a special event taking place at Four Mile Historic Park. Your ticket is for September 8th, 2018 the day of the event only. You can log on to the park’s website to see dates and times they are open outside of our Kidtopia Event at

  8. Toni says :

    Can we leave and re-enter as we please?

    1. Kidtopia says :

      Re-entry is not recommended because you will be forced to go through security and registration each time showing your Kidtopia tickets matching a valid ID. Just because you have been in once you will not be able to cut or past anyone currently registering. Thanks

  9. ronnie cheng says :

    Can you buy tickets the day off when you get to the door?

  10. ronnie cheng says :

    Can you buy tickets the day off at the door once you get there?

    1. Kidtopia says :

      The event is about to sell out! Tickets wilk not be available at the door.